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One of the great advantages of the motorhome lifestyle is that the motorhome galley, or kitchen, travels with you. There's no need to park the motorhome at fast-food joints or expensive restaurants en route to your motorhome's destination.

Motorhome owners who enjoy cooking in their motorhome will relish's Recipes for the Road ( It's an expandable motorhome resource that makes it easy  to share, easy to print and easy to submit your own motorhome friendly recipes.

It seems that motorhomers who enjoy cooking or eating in their motrhome are chomping at the bit for more delicious meals to savor inside their home on wheels.

Recipes for the Road is handy for motorhomers looking for a quick casserole to bring to a motorhome rally, or an easy main dish for the family camping trip. Soups, desserts, appetizers also are among the recipes submitted by motorhome cooks.

Janet Sadlack, microwave-convection cooking specialist and motorhome cookbook author, shareds some microwave-convection recipes. Several of her motorhome cooking videos are available as well.

Janet's cooking seminars at FMCA motorhome conventions help motorhome cooks to understand and use their microwave-convection oven in their motorhome.

For many motorhomers, their main baking and roasting tool is the microwave-convection oven. It do everything that a motorhome's microwave oven can do and serve as a regular oven in the motorhome galley.

The motorhome's microwave-convection oven creates a “speed cook” type of cooking that will cut many cooking times in half. This speedy setting products foods that look like they were baked in a regular oven, but are more moist and flavorful because of the reduced cooking time.

Motorhomers who like to exchange RV cooking recipes with other RVers will find Recipes for the Road most appetizing.

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