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Self-storage owners in Virginia may have to provide their local commissioner of revenue with the names and addresses of out-of-state residents who store recreation vehicles at their outdoor storage facilities.

House Bill 2289 passed the General Assembly in late February. If the governor signs it, the bill would take effect July 1. As of January 1, 2010, RVs and boats placed in self-storage by out-of-state residents would be taxed by the state.

According to a report in The News & Advance (Lynchburg, Virginia), Representative Ben Cline (R-Rockbridge County) said he sponsored the measure because many of the stored vehicles were not being taxed since the owners live in other states. Virginia residents who own RVs and boats are taxed on their vehicles.

By law, revenue commissioners are not permitted inside the storage facilities to collect license plate numbers and other information about the vehicles.

Out-of-state RV owners who leave their vehicles parked at campgrounds are subject to tax under existing law, if those campgrounds are accessible to the public.

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