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By Jackie and Robert Caughman, F323369 

We own a type A Fleetwood Flair 29-foot motorhome. We love RVing and we always take our two dogs. Both are mixed breeds saved from humane societies.

One is Bear, a black mix between a chow, a lab and a shepherd. The other is Sweetie, a black-and-brown mixed hound, shepherd, lab — you name it. Both weigh about 84 pounds. They are our family since our children have grown and started their own families.

Our kids (Bear and Sweetie) love going motorhoming. We always take their treats, bones and such. They like looking out the windows and seeing the scenery. They love going for walks in the campgrounds. It is just like their home at home.

We do leave them in the motorhome for up to four hours when we go someplace. It is just like being at home for them. They usually get up on the back queen bed and take naps or chew on their bones.

Sweetie at times gets up on the front dash and moves the curtains and looks out to see the neighbors. One time a camper came over and said she just loves to watch Sweetie in the front window, this huge dog sitting perfect while watching all the activities.

We won’t go anywhere where our “kids” can't go. When we go to visit friends, we drive the motorhome and park in their drive, just so the kids can be with us.

We know a lot of people who do not like seeing dogs in RVs, but our kids are family. They listen and bring joy to our travels. We also respect others and always carry pooper-scoopers and clean up after them. We have seen owners of petite dogs not cleaning up their pet’s waste. (A little poop is just as bad as a big poop if you step in it.)

We have never had anyone or a campground tell us that we were not welcome, and we’ve never received complaints about our dogs. Like I said, they behave better than our human kids — no running, screaming, fighting, etc., and they listen to the word NO.

To all the dog campers out there: Keep on traveling and enjoying your life.

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