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By Bev Wasson, F331336

I'd like to introduce you to my Buddy. I have two Pomeranians, Buddy and Archie. Buddy is my motorhoming pal. Archie stays home with my parents, who are elderly. Archie is great company and a great furry alarm system for them — he barks to let them know when someone comes into the yard.

Pomeranians have long, silky hair and come in three sizes. Full-size, about the size of a beagle, is the biggest. Buddy is 6 years old, and he is a full-size Pomeranian. He always goes motorhoming with me when we head out from our hometown of Allenstown, N.H.

I have a class B Roadtrek, which Buddy thinks is his — I'm just his driver. All I have to do is look at the key hanging on the key rack and he's at the door ready to go, pulling on the leash that hangs near the door.

Buddy is 10 pounds overweight due to a thyroid problem. He walks for awhile but his little legs just give out from carrying the extra weight. He loves to go around the campgrounds and visit with people.

I used to carry him around when the thyroid trouble first started, but he weighs 40 pounds. So, in a self-defense move, I purchased a baby stroller. Now he walks until he's tired, and when he can't go farther, I plop him in the stroller and off we go.

Buddy loves the stroller. He sits right up and watches every thing. When we get to a bumpy area, I'll say, "Speed bump ahead" and he'll stiffen a bit so he doesn't get jostled too much. If I say, "Put your four-paw drive on," he'll nestle down to get ready for a slippery patch.

Of course, his biggest thrill is when someone stops and pets him. What I really love is to watch is other dogs' reactions to the stroller. They'll trot up to the carriage with an "oh, boy, a baby" look. Then, they do a double take and look back at their human, as if thinking That's not a baby — it's another dog. Hey, why can't I have one of those?"

During on of our trips in May 2003, Buddy and I participated in a walk-a-doggie-thon to raise money for a local humane society. Thanks to Buddy's friends and supporters, he raised more than $300 for his donation. I walked, he strolled.

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