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Crissi is a fixture in the Mianos' motorhome.Type of pet: Dog

Breed: Crissi is a purebred Shih Tzu, although she thinks she is a "furry people.” We haven't the heart to tell her that she is dog.

Pet’s name: Crissi Su Ling is her registered name.

Age: Crissi is 10 years old. She was born in California on Aug. 27, 1997.

Owners: Tom and Suzie Miano, Santa Maria, Calif.
Your FMCA membership number: F321293 (joined in 2002)

How often does your pet accompany you on motorhome trips?
We have never gone away in the motorhome when Crissi did NOT accompany us.

What type of motorhome do you own?
A Fleetwood Bounder

What do you like best about motorhoming with your pet?
With her personality, Crissi attracts the nicest people and we get to befriend them.

Was it easy for your pet to adapt to motorhome travel?
When Crissi came to our family at about 2 months of age, we had a Class C motorhome. She was put in the motorhome and away we went. She adapted to the motorhome immediately. She has a fit when we back the motorhome out of the backyard in preparation for leaving (with her, of course!).

Does your pet have a favorite place in the motorhome?
During the day, it’s on the nice, wide dash. She can see everything and everyone from there. And she can talk to the campers who are walking by and stop to read the sign we’ve placed in the windshield: A ROTTEN DOG LIVES HERE. The sign is an attention getter wherever we camp.

What are your pet’s favorite toys?
Crissi has a box of toys in the house and another box of toys in the motorhome. Her favorite is a red stuffed animal, which we refer to as her “baby.”

Have you modified your motorhome to better accommodate your pet?
There have been no particular modifications made for Crissi except for a bed under our table which she uses during the day to get away from it all. No modification is needed for a “furry people.”

Advice for other motorhomers who are considering traveling with pets:
Get your pets while they’re young and take them with you so they’ll realize that motorhoming is part of their lifestyle.

Other comments:
We have been camping for more than 37 years. At first it was with our three children and the pet that was then part of our family. Each pet we have adopted has enjoyed camping — with our children and the other people with whom we have camped.

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