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Miniature schnauzer enjoys motorhomingType of pet: Dog

Breed: Miniature schnauzer

Pet’s name: Harley

Pet’s owners: Jerry and Chris Carr, Kent, Wash. FMCA membership number: F361921 (joined in 2005)

Pet’s age: 3

How often does your pet accompany you on motorhome trips?
Harley travels on all of the trips we make.

What type of motorhome do you own?
We travel in style with our 2002 Monaco Windsor.

Does your pet have any favorite travel destinations?
We visit friends in Glenoma, Wash., and they have a large-acreage area that allows Harley to run and play off-leash with their dog, a very large Lab named Bear. Bear is 110 pounds but Harley can hold his own.

What do you like best about motorhoming with your pet?
Harley keeps us very active. My wife, Chris, and I will hike four to six miles with him daily. Harley is looking for attention 24/7. I would say we tend to spoil him a wee bit. He is a great companion.

Was it easy for your pet to adapt to motorhome travel?
Yes is travels very well.

Does your pet have a favorite spot in the motorhome?
I have to fight him for one of the sofas, but he also like the command seat!

Dog loves the sofa in motorhomeWhat are your pet’s favorite toys?
Harley is really good with his toys. He has a few favorites -- both are ducks that quack. Any toy that makes noise will be okay for him, but he is also very found of “ODTB” (other dogs’ tennis balls). If he sees a dog chasing balls, he likes to get the ball and have the other chase him. It’s a real hoot!

Have you modified your motorhome in any way to better accommodate your pet?
The only thing we have added are a few area rugs that Harley will sleep or eat on.

What is your favorite activity to do with your pet while traveling?

Do you have any tips or advice for other motorhomers who travel with pets or are considering traveling with pets?
Harley is very social. He plays with other dogs at an off-leash park every day, so we have found that during our travels Harley gets along very well with other dogs, big or small. We don’t let him bark, so while he’s protecting the homefront you would never know he’s on the job! I think the no barking rule is very uncommon in the breed.

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