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Kona likes to navigate in the motorhome.Owners: Sandy and Debby Mustard, Milford, Ohio

FMCA membership number:  F370949 (joined FMCA in 2005)

Type of pet: dog, male

Breed: Labrador retriever

Pet’s name: Kona

Pet’s age: 11 years

How often does your pet accompany you on motorhome trips?
Most every trip, except those where we will be away from the motorhome all day.

What type of motorhome do you own?
A 37-foot 2002 Fleetwood Expedition

What do you like best about motorhoming with your pet?
He is part of the family.

Was it easy for your pet to adapt to motorhome travel?
He still wants to go with whomever is going out the door.

Does your pet have a favorite spot in the motorhome?
He likes to lie right between our seats when cruising.

What are your pet's favorite toys?
Anything he can get his mouth on.

Have you modified your motorhome to accommodate your pet?

What is your favorite activity to do with your pet while traveling?
Taking walks and just hanging out.

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