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Dear Computer Geeks:

I'm looking for an additional way of connecting my computer to the Internet through cell phone service (via USB cable between my phone and laptop, per R.L. Charpentier in The Digital RV).

I'm considering Verizon's service with 3G mobile Web plan. Internet servivce would be available on the phone, and theoretically to my laptop via a cable. Is this a workable arrangement? Thanks.

Ron DeGolier

Yes! We call that a "tethered" laptop. Verizon calls it Mobile Broadband Connect and they has an FAQ page all about it. We also have a video you can watch that shows exactly how we do it with our LG eNV phone.

Just go to and click on the link to "Broadband with Tethered Cellphone."
If you have one of the Smart Phones, you may have even more options — or cheaper pricing — than we do. There’s a brand-new thing for Smart Phones called WalkingHotspot -- which looks like magic — it turns your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot!

— Jim and Chris


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