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Dear FMCA Computer Geeks:

I bought a laptop and then took it on a trip. I soon discovered that I could receive e-mail but could not answer it or send it. I have a e-mail account. No matter what city I happened to be in, it was the same old story — POP server could not be found.
What is up with this?

Hello, BoxcarOkie.
This a common problem when using Wi-Fi. E-mail providers block all mail delivery from unknown sources because they don't want to be responsible for spam. When you're home and logged in to Cox's Internet service, you are a known source. When you're traveling and using Wi-Fi as your Internet source, you are unknown and Cox will not deliver the mail you send. You still receive your mail because that requires you to enter a username and password to go to your inbox. 
The short answer is that you need to contact to see if there are any specific settings they support for your “Outgoing Server” (aka SMTP server) that will work. Many ISPs will deliver mail if you include the setting for “My outgoing server requires authentication” and “Use the same username and password as my incoming server.” 
I tried to find these settings for Cox, but could not find anything on their website. I did find some reference to the fact that Cox does not send e-mail from unknown sources … period. So, it looks like a phone call is in order for you. 
You can always send e-mail after logging in directly to Cox's webmail service:
Sending e-mail from there will work because you'll need to log in to their service first.
For more information, see my article
Why Can't I Send my Email?


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