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Dear FMCA Computer Geeks:

Your recent article on ("Cell phones and Internet access") mentioned a "tethered" cell phone — what is it and what it does.  I currently have a 3G iPhone and an Apple laptop (MacBookPro).  We are getting ready to take our very first trip in our RV and I'm unsure what to do about using the Internet, webcam, etc. Any advice?

Thanks. Marilyn Merick

Congratulations, Marilyn, on getting on the road in your RV!

We sure live in changing times. As of this writing, the iPhone is not supporting a tethered connection.

I have seen reports of "hacked" tethering, but only with Windows computers. And on this page,, there is a notice warning that it may be violation your terms of

DSL Reports writes about Apple coming out with a tether "real soon now," whatever that means. Here is a link to a blog about the subject:

We have a good video on how tethering works for us using Verizon and our PCs:

Travel Safely.


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