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Our article about Internet data cards for motorhomers generated a batch of related questions. Here's a sampling ...

Prepaid data card?

Do you know if any provider has a prepaid data card like a prepaid cell phone? We have Wi-Fi in Florida and Maine, but need something when we travel in the motorhome. Right now we look for hot spots.

Thanks.  Harvey Donald


The first thing that comes to mind is using your phone tethered for broadband. With Verizon and the right phone and plan, it is a feature you can turn on and off, and pay for only when you need it. That is what we have been doing on our summer tour. The data is prorated on a monthly basis and is $5 per month if left on. Watch our video about it here:

If you have a cellular data card, most providers have a daily rate. Verizon is $15 per session, which is 24 consecutive hours.

Virgin Mobile has a prepaid deal using Sprint EVDO.  See

Data card and fax

Is there any way that you can send a fax to a telephone line by using a data card? Or, must I scan and then e-mail?

Thom Petteruti

Tom: You have to scan, then e-mail. You can't fax with a data card. Faxing requires a dial tone.

Router for data card

My husband and I have an AT&T broadband USB data card and would like to use it at the same time. There is a router for some 3G but not all. Is there a resource for determining if our data card has/will be getting a router?

Kaye P. Downing


I'm pretty sure that a Cradlepoint router would work for you. I'm not sure which model is best for your situation.

Call our friends at 1-866-3GSTORE and tell them what you have and what you want to do, and they will have a solution.

Don't forget to tell them that the Geeks On Tour sent you!

Considering Internet in motion

I am currently using a Verizon air card as you discussed in your article for the FMCA newsletter.  I recently traded my older Class A motorhome for a newer Class A. I found that my new coach has a box for an "Internet in Motion" system. It also has an external antenna (no software).

Do you have any experience or information about using this system? I wouldn't want to give up my Verizon air card, but maybe this would be a good addition.

Ron Ballard
Albuquerque, NM


Good to hear from you.

Internet In Motion was one of the earliest all-in-one cellular solutions targeting the travel-by-road folks. It has an external antenna, amplifier and cellular wireless router.

The system has evolved some over the years, so it depends on antenna connections whether or not you can use it with your Verizon data card. To use it as an addition probably would require another service (and contract).  You may be able to get more information at their Web site


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