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I have a question that I hope you can help me with. I have a folder of pictures I cannot locate on my PC. I have done a search.

Dear FMCA Computer Geeks:

I’ve looked in each folder and I have run out of options. Is there an archive search or something, or is there somewhere else I should look?

I know the pictures are on my computer somewhere, because when the random pictures come up when my PC is idle, I see some of the pictures. I have entered every name on the search I can think of, but I just can't find them.

Funny thing is that the folder is on the desktop, but it is empty.

I would appreciate any help you can suggest. Thanks.

Dixie Carver


Losing your pictures can be a traumatic event, even if temporary. You really should have a backup of your pictures.

Because the photos are showing up on your screensaver, you are correct that they are probably recoverable.

Most likely, they are still in the "My Pictures" folder because that is where screensavers usually get them.

They could have gotten renamed, or a slip of the mouse could inadvertently move them into another folder.

A search for all pictures should find them. Pictures have a file extension of .jpg. You can use the wildcard search by typing "*.jpg" in the Windows search box without the quotes. Make sure you are searching the entire computer for the pictures.

We recommend using Picasa to manage your pictures. It is a free program that is great for finding pictures on your computer, and it does much more, including back up your photos.  We have many tutorial videos to help you learn how. See

Let us know your results.


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