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Dear Computer Geeks:

I had to put my main laptop in the shop (the backlight went out). I'm now using a backup that pretty much has the same programming and can do the same things as my primary laptop. But I use a certain Web site to make online payments on on my retiree insurance, and the site now tells me I can't log on because no Javascript and ActiveX not on.

I followed the steps I found on a Windows Web site about tools/security, etc. and found the boxes to enable all that, but it's still not working. Can you direct me? (I think I need to mention that my backup laptop had no antivirus software running, so I installed the AVG antvirus software I had recently paid for. I gather those programs can hinder some things).

My system is acting like I never had either JavaScript or ActiveX enabled and I know I had both.  I'm babbling ... can you help?

Karen Barrett


Sorry you are having problems. Security on Web sites often leads to annoying complexity. Many Web sites that have financial components are using security schemes to uniquely identify the computer a request is coming from. If you set up an account using one computer, and then use another computer to try to access the account, you will be challenged.

I ran into that very issue with a couple of my dad's Web sites. I couldn't access his accounts from my computer, even though I had permission and the correct username/password information.

My solution was to contact the Web site owner and change the permissions for my computer. That complicated things for my dad. Now he could not access the accounts from his computer, and we had to go through the process again to reset for his computer. What a pain!

I would first try using a different browser to access your account. Try Firefox or Chrome. If neither of those works, you will probably need to contact the insurance company for instructions.

Cell coverage

Dear Computer Geeks:

Where can we get data card footprints for the various cellular service providers? This would be an enormous help in choosing a provider. We have heard thst AT&T has the best coverage but that Verizon is faster. Any truth to that?

Jack Bradley


Each of the cellular providers has a Web site with coverage maps. There are different maps for voice and data in some cases. So, depending on your needs and where you plan on traveling, one provider may be better than another.

In our experience, Verizon has the best coverage for travelers, both for high-speed data and voice. AT&T may be a little better in metropolitan areas. Speeds from all of the providers are comparable and much depends on proximity to the cell tower.

Travelers who really need connectivity will often carry two providers or consider satellite Internet. Here is a link to our video on connecting on the road:

* * *

ATTENTION, COMPUTER GEEKS FOLLOWERS: The Internet to Go forum, which we moderate, is a great place to ask questions and find answers to your computer and mobile Internet questions. We love to offer ideas and solutions, and others on the forum might have additional input that can benefit all of us.


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