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Dear FMCA Computer Geeks:

We recently have had to bite the bullet and  purchase prepaid mobile broadband for use on the road. We have found that many RV places do not offer Wi-Fi. And even when it is offered, it is not useable, has low signal  strength, and whatever other reasons/excuses the RV park makes.

We do not full-time RV and have a home-based PC and local ISP bundled with our phone, cable TV, etc. We have a BlackBerry through  Verizon, which we use for long-distance calls and for Facebook and e-mail access on the road. We did not want to incur an additional monthly  contract, so we opted for the mobile broadband.

Our cell  phone contract will be up for renewal in October, so we will be considering changes, but we prefer to stick with Verizon as we have never lost access anywhere with it. That may be also attributable to  our BlackBerry, which was the only cell that worked in the Rockies of Colorado.

So when we don't have Wi-Fi we used to go to a library, but I really needed to have access in the coach, or so I believe. I felt too disconnected, so we bought the prepaid mobile to avoid other month-to-month contracts.

Any other suggestions for people like us? I noticed that you are using the Droid and we will be looking at that.

Pat Morrison


I believe cellular Internet is the way to go. Verizon is our choice for overall coverage. If you travel enough, you will find places it does not work. We tether our Droids for Internet access when good Wi-Fi is not available. New phones seem to be coming out weekly.

We used to use satellite Internet before cellular improved to it's present level of usability. It is expensive and technically cumbersome.

Wi-Fi is still pretty spotty and misunderstood. The technology was not designed for RV parks; it was meant for Starbucks and Small Office/Home Office locations. When it does work well, we use it.

Better antennas and amplifiers are available for both cellular and Wi-Fi.

— Jim Guld


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