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Dear FMCA Computer Geeks:

I have tried on multiple occassions to access the Internet while at a campground and was unsucessful.

I'm guessing that you are trying to use a campground's Wi-Fi service?
There are three parts to a successful Internet connection using Wi-Fi.
1. Your equipment. That is, your computer and Wi-Fi adapter. The adapter is usually built-in, but it can be an add-on. Adapters need to be enabled and configured properly.

2. The campground's equipment. Their access point creates the hotspot. You might need a key or password to connect. You must be close enough to receive AND send data to the hotspot. Hotspots are not all the same. Some are better than others.

3. The campground's connection to the Internet Service Provider. A high-bandwidth Internet connection allows more users at the same time and provides faster response.
All three of these elements have to work properly with each other for successful Internet browsing.
It is possible to connect to the campground's hotspot, but if they are not connected to their ISP, you cannot browse. You don't have any control over that.
Have you been able to use Wi-Fi in other locations? If so, and nothing else has changed, you are probably configured properly. The problem may be at the campground.
Is your adapter on? By that, I mean do you see the campground's signal called the SSID? Are you able to connect to their hotspot? 
There may be additional information to enable you to complete the connection, especially if there is a fee involved.

— Jim Guld


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