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The FMCA Computer Geeks respond to questions about Rogue Wave Wi-fi, best Internet access, tethering an iPhone, and transferring the Favorites folder from a PC to a laptop. 

Using Rogue Wave for Wi-Fi

Dear FMCA Computer Geeks:

I would like to increase my Wi-Fi range.  Is it possible to use the Wave Wi-Fi Rogue to connect to the Internet and run it to a wireless router to connect all my system to my own network?

Lyman Sramek


While I do not have personal experience with this device, the Wave Rogue looks to be a good solution.  We have used other devices to connect our personal network to a public wireless network.

The Rogue is a high-power (800mW) wireless bridge, sometimes called an ethernet converter.  It takes the Wi-Fi signal and makes a wired ethernet connection you can input directly to a computer or into your personal router.  It is weatherproof and can be powered with 12-volt or 110-volt house current. 

The bridge must be configured to the wireless signal using the built-in Web interface whenever you change locations. 

— Jim Guld

Internet and RVing for one

Dear FMCA Computer Geeks:

I am researching about RVing for one. What small RV is the best choice for a woman alone to travel the United States and Canada? What Internet is best?

Thank you.



Good to hear from you. Research can be very rewarding. These questions are very common. The answers are always, "It Depends."

I'll answer the second part first. I think the best Internet access for full-timers is a USB data card. In my opinion, Verizon has the best overall nationwide coverage. Many folks like the MiFi device for flexibility. It can be a Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you are a part-timer, you may prefer to tether a smart phone. I like the Droid family of phones. Data cards typically require a separate contract and cost $60/month. Data plans on smart phones are $30/month plus a tethering fee. Data gets more expensive in Canada. Make sure you have a compatible plan for international travel.

As for small RVs, there are so many choices. Again, what a full-timer might want or need is often not what works for a part-timer. Where you like to stay will dictate your decision. I like the newer diesel-powered motorhomes on the Sprinter chassis. Good mileage and easy handling.

Do your homework. Take your time. Let us know what you decide.

— Jim Guld

Can IPhone 4 be tethered?

Dear FMCA Computer Geeks:

I have an Iphone 4 with a plan from AT&T. Can this phone be tethered to my laptop while we are traveling in our motorhome? I have tried to download the software, but Windows warns that it is not recognized by Microsoft and may affect my computer now or in the future. Is this a concern?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Paul Boone


Yes, you can tether your iPhone for Internet access. Read your contract and observe the limits imposed by AT&T.

You do not say what software you are installing. Usually, the Windows warning you see is nothing to worry about. It means the software has not been tested and sanctioned by Microsoft.

— Jim Guld

Transfering Favorites

Dear FMCA Computer Geeks:
Hi.Is there a way to transfer my favorites from my desktop to my laptop?

Thank You.

Howard Shiner


Good to hear from you.

Transferring your Favorites should not be a problem. The Favorites is actually a folder on the computer. Each user has his or her own Favorites folder. Your browser uses the contents of that folder. You want to copy the contents of the first Favorites folder and paste them into the Favorites folder on the second computer.
There are several ways to complete the process.
I must make some assumptions, as you do not say what operating systems you are using on the two computers. Selecting and using Copy and Paste are basic.

Here is one way using a USB thumb drive. First, find the Favorites folder on the first computer. You can do that in Windows Explorer by using search. Windows 7 and Vista make it easy. Click on the Start button and type "Favorites." This will show you the Favorites folders on your computer. There will be more than one. Choose the one that has your Favorites.

Select All the objects using edit > Select All. Copy those files to the USB drive by right clicking and sending them to that drive, or by using Copy and Paste.

Move the USB drive to the second computer.

Open Windows Explorer on that computer and find the Favorites folder location. Navigate to the USB drive and select all the Favorites in there. Go to the Favorites folder on the second computer and Edit > paste.

— Jim Guld


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