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Fastest high-speed Internet 

Dear FMCA Computer Geeks:

I am a remote worker and going full-time in our RV/motorhome. I've been tethering and also using the T-Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot adapter, but my speeds are slow. What do you recommend for the fastest high-speed Internet? I also need TV/cable/satellite -- what is the best system?

Thank you. Leisa Barreto


Congratulations on going full-time.

Getting high-speed Internet on the road is a challenge. If money is no object, satellite Internet is going to be the most reliable and available. You need a clear line of sight to the satellite. The highest speeds on satellite will not be as fast as terrestrial cable or fiber.

Wi-Fi can be very good, depending on the backhaul connection to the Internet and number of other users.

Cellular is the overall best choice, with Verizon having the best nationwide coverage. Cellular is also the only technology that works in motion.

Bottom line is: If you really need connectivity, you need all three: satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi. You can employ better antennas and amplifiers for an extended cellular signal. External adapters are available to get longer-range Wi-Fi.

TV is altogether different. Your choices are basically DirecTV and Dish Network in the United States. High Definition is nice to have. You need to choose between automatic- and manual-pointing dishes. Automatic is easier and more expensive. Portable dishes are more flexible as to placement in wooded areas. 

Check out the articles on our website for more information. And, talk directly with satellite TV vendors at FMCA rallies and conventions.
— Jim

Ways to improve cellular reception

Dear FMCA Computer Geeks:

Hello. What is the best way to improve cellular reception? I currently use a Cradlepoint MPR1000 mobile wireless router and I would like to find ways to improve reception in 3G and 4G areas. Any suggestions on antennas, boosters, etc.? All help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Pat Riley

Good to hear from you.
Improving cellular reception is important for both voice and data. There are a lot of options, too.

We have had good luck with the Wilson line of cellular antennas and amplifiers and typically recommend talking to the folks at the 3G Store. They have knowledgable help. Tell them what you have now and what you need, and they will recommend a solution. And tell them the Geeks On Tour sent you.
Prices range from under $50 to well into the hundreds, so much depends on how much you need.
A wired connection is generally best, but not all data cards and phones have ports for an external antenna. The Geeks use the Wilson Sleek, an amplified cradle attached to external antenna for our mobile hotspot. We can also use it with our Droids.
More info can be found on the Internt to go/staying in touch forum on the Motorhome Forums.
— Jim


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