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It's important that motorhome travelers make provisions for care of their pets in case the owners are in accident or are incapacitated.

The "Rescue Roundup," the official newsletter of the American Bouvier Rescue League, offers a helpful tip. It's geared toward dogs but can be applied to all pets.

Attach to each crate a card with the following information and a current picture of each dog. If you don’t have crates, attach this to a visor or your auto registration inside your motorhome.

In case of accident
In the event that we, John and Jane Doe, are incapacitated and unable to make our wishes known regarding our dogs, please honor the following requests:

Please contact Bob and Peg Doe at (xxx) xxx-xxxx. They will guarantee all expenses for our dogs' care.

If the dogs are not injured, they are to be cared for by the nearest reputable boarding kennel and kept in the best possible manner until arrangements can be made to get them home.

If a dog is injured, it is to be cared for by the nearest reputable veterinarian. We would prefer our vet, Dr. John Smith, Animal Health Care, 165 W. Oak St., Cincinnati, OH 45244, be contacted regarding decisions about our dog’s care and treatment. He can be reached at (513) 543-3622.

If a dog is injured beyond all hope of recovery, it is to be humanely euthanized by a veterinarian.

All dogs are current on vaccinations.

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