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Sydney likes to lounge on the sofa inside the motorhome.Type of pet: dog

Breed: yellow Lab

Name: Sydney

Age: 10 years old

Owners: Terry and Stacy Sawyer, Ogden, Utah
Your FMCA membership number: F356603 (we joined in 2004)

How often does your pet accompany you on motorhome trips?
Every time

What type of motorhome do you own?
A 1997 Monaco Dynasty

What do you like best about motorhoming with your pet?
We love to travel, and the motorhome allows us to always take our pets with us.

Was it easy for your pet to adapt to motorhome travel?
Yes, especially after she discovered the sofa.

Does your pet have a favorite spot in the motorhome?
Sydney likes to stay on the sofa when we're away from the motorhome or on the road. At night, she stays at the foot of our bed.

What are your pet’s favorite toys?
Tennis balls for chasing

Have you modified your motorhome in any way to better accommodate your pet? Any special furniture or equipment?
No, we just keep a blanket on the sofa to keep it clean.

What is your favorite activity to do with your pet while traveling?
Walking and playing on the beach.

Our advice for other motorhomers who travel with pets or are considering traveling with pets:
It's important that people at your campsite know there is a pet in your RV, in case there's an emergency while you're away (like a fire or natural disaster). We just put a note on the door (with our cell phone number) letting everyone know their is a pet on board. It's also important to have information with you about your pet and your RV's location when you are away from your motorhome (hiking, sightseeing, etc.) without your pet. We keep a copy of the RV site registration with us, which has the address and phone number, and a note about our dog (who is diabetic). If there is an accident, the authorities will be able to make sure our pet is taken care of.

If your pet would like to participate in Pet Spotlight, Send an e-mail to

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