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Owners: Paul and Deb Dugas, Mesa, Ariz Type of pet: Two little doggies

In the driver's seat: Roxie, a Pomeranian, and Sophie, a papillon, love the motorhoming life.Breeds: papillon, Pomeranian

Names: Sophie (papillon) and Roxie (Pomeranian)

Ages: 1½ (papillon) and 6 months (Pomeranian)

How often do your pets accompany you on motorhome trips?
Always! We try to go away at least once a month. We bought the motorhome so we could go away and not have to leave Sophie behind. It worked out so well, we got Roxie as a playmate for Sophie.

Our motorhome:
We have a 1999 Country Coach Affinity.

What do you like best about motorhoming with your pets?
It’s all about the doggies! They love being with us and meeting new people. It’s great socialization for them. And we meet a lot of new people because the dogs are so cute.

Was it easy for your pets to adapt to motorhome travel?
No problem at all. They are both young; it was just another adventure.

Do your pets have a favorite spot in the motorhome?
Favorite “spot”? They own the place!

What are your pets’ favorite toys?
They love their chewies. We make sure they always have them to chew on — otherwise the furniture may be in jeopardy. Roxie loves to play ball and Sophie likes to steal it from her.

Have you modified your motorhome in any way to better accommodate your pets?
We haven’t, but we do need to put a stool at the end of the bed so they can get up and down without our help.

What are your favorite things to do with your pets while traveling?
Taking long walks around the resorts, hiking and meeting people.

Tips for other motorhomers who travel with pets or are considering traveling with pets?
If you are considering a pet, stay small. I can’t imagine bringing a big dog. Also, most RV resorts only allow two pets.

If your pet would like to participate in Pet Spotlight, send an e-mail to [email protected].

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