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Motorhomes are classified as Type A, Type B, Type C or bus conversion. All types enable travelers to go where they want, when they want — without giving up the comforts of home.

And they offer a variety of features to suit different budgets and lifestyles.

Type A motorhome

The largest motorized RV, usually loaded with amenities and equipment that make it ideal for short or long trips, even full-time living. A home on wheels. The living, or house structure is built on a bare, specially made chassis.

Price Range: $58,000 to $400,000 new
Length: 21 to 45 feet.

All systems are completely accessible while traveling: kitchen (galley), living area, sleeping quarters, permanent sanitary facilities. Includes all power and resources needed for self-contained traveling: batteries, propane gas, large fresh water tank and holding tanks. Most type As have or are prewired for an on-board generator.

Offers most space and conveniences of any RV. Appointments can include full-size refrigerator, washer-dryer, large-screen TV, computerized leveling system, satellite navigation system, satellite dish, slideout room extension, large storage bays.

Length, lower clearance, and wheelbase can make some type As impractical for driving on rough roads and in backcountry. Many type A owners tow a smaller vehicle to use for running errands and exploring the local area after setting up camp at a campground.

Type B motorhome

Known as Van campers and van conversions, the Type B is the smallest self-contained motorhome. It is a panel-type truck customized to include sleeping, eating and bathroom facilities. Built on a van chassis produced by auto manufacturers.

Price Range: $42,000 to $74,000
Length: 16 to 24 feet

Easiest to drive and maneuver. Versatile — can serve as primary transportation and also offer comfort and livability features for motorhome travel.

Dropped floors and raised roofs are common to increase interior space.

Most get better fuel mileage than larger motorhomes. Smaller holding tank and propane tank make dry camping for long periods a challenge.

Can be a cost-effective way for couples and young families to enjoy the motorhoming lifestyle.

Type C motorhome

A Type C is a mini-motorhome built on a specially made automotive manufactured van chassis. Offers full living quarters, sleeping, kitchen and bathroom facilities, and conveniences similar to type As but in a more compact unit. Some are built on pickup truck chassis.

Price Range: $48,000 to $139,000
Length: 20 to 35 Feet

Many Type Cs have a cab-over bunk sleeping area, which extends over the driving section and can be used for storage when not in use. Many models also have an island-style bed in the rear.

Type Cs are typically easier to drive and park and are more maneuverable than type A motorhomes. Thus, it's often not necessary to tow a smaller vehicle for local driving.

Bus conversion

A motorhome built using a bus shell that is converted for recreation vehicle use with features and amenities of the owner's choosing, much like building a custom home. The shell can be new or a former commercially operated bus whose interior is remodeled for motorhome travel.

Price range: $100,000 to $1 million
Length: 35 to 45 feet

The coach converter starts with a shell or stripped bus and customizes it to meet owner’s needs. Empty shells are provided by various companies and can be professionally converted to customer specifications by coach conversion firms.

Some bus conversions started as commercial transit buses used as tour buses, school buses or intercity buses. With these buses, a conversion firm, or the owner himself, overhauls the existing systems and equipment, including interior wiring, plumbing, seats, upholstery, and insulation. On the exterior, new siding and paint schemes can be added.

New coach shells and conversions are the highest priced motorhomes, owned by entertainers, race-car drivers, and retired couples. These conversions often contain luxury features such as leather sofas, lounge-type seating, custom entertainment equipment and many other extras.

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