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Toilet Leak Repair

If your RV toilet leaks when it's flushed, chances are it can be fixed with an inexpensive "O" ring instead of a new $50 valve.

I figured this out after my Thetford Aqua-Magic Galaxy/Starlight toilet developed a leak and I purchased a new valve. During the installation of the valve, I noticed that a new "O" ring would have stopped the leak. The ring can be found near the end of the valve closest to the white nylon housing. The valve simply slips out of the housing with no tools required. I replaced the "O" ring and now have a spare valve in my toolbox.

Frank S. Winter, F114882, Manalapan, New Jersey

Pet First-Aid Carrier

We keep a well-stocked first-aid kit for our dog in a separate container that is stored in a bathroom closet and is easily accessible in an emergency. Our kit includes all of the supplies needed for temporary care of our dog until we can get to a vet. We also include the phone numbers for our dog's vet and for poison control; a small booklet on dog first aid and medical advice; and our dog's up-to-date medical and rabies shot records.

Arlene Chiarolanzio, F181694, Florham Park, New Jersey

Towed Vehicle Visibility

We tow a dark-gray Saturn Vue behind our motorhome, the front of which is protected by a black car cover. At night or during inclement weather, it can be difficult to see the vehicle attached to our coach. So we put several strips of white reflective tape on the front fender area of the car cover to make it more visible to other motorists.

Dick and Judy Mankin, F107172, FMCA Mail Forwarding

Nuts And Bolts

Most of us have a large jar or coffee can that's filled with mixed nuts and bolts. Finding the right bolt to do a job often requires dumping out the entire contents of the container, then putting it all back in after the correct hardware is located. I use a large square-shaped rag to dump the bolts on, and when I'm done searching I just pick up the rag by the corners and put the rag and its contents back into the container. I make sure the plastic lid is securely closed on top of the can.

John Hoffman, F343672, Livingston, Texas


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