Working-age Full-Time RVers - How to earn an income while traveling

Added on : 3-Jun-2013
Uploaded by : tmoning

Interviews with full-time younger/working RVers focusing on how they earn an income while they travel perpetually. Filmed at the 'Days of the Nu 2' Gathering in April 2010. This is an introductory compilation to "Ramblings: Tales from Nomads,"  a series of interviews in which Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy talk with other full-time young-at-heart nomads and full-time RVers (including two-year follow-up interviews with some of the folks featured above.)

Cherie and Chris, of, are two Gen-X technomads who have been traveling full-time since 2006. They run their software development business from anywhere they can get Internet. They live and travel in a geeked-out 1961 vintage bus conversion.

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