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FMCA supports the common interests of FMCA members on legislative, regulatory and other emerging issues that affect the motorhome lifestyle.


FMCA works with RV dealers, RV manufacturers, campground operators and other industry groups to halt or reduce restrictions placed on the use of RVs.

And FMCA encourages motorhome owners to exercise their rights when threatened by proposed legislation or government action that restricts motorhomes or motorhome travel. By writing letters, making phone calls, attending public meetings and forming grassroots coalitions, RV owners can help to achieve satisfying results.

The issues
FMCA informs its members of potential motorhome rights problems, and advocates finding solutions between policy-making bodies and constituents BEFORE detrimental laws are enacted.

Legislative issues that FMCA has addressed include:

  • residential parking rights — restrictions on where RVs must be parked when not in use
  • overnight parking on business parking lots
  • taxes — license and personal property
  • vehicle size and weight limits
  • RV-friendly signage
  • toll roads/bridges fees and lane access; charges for towed vehicles
  • drivers license requirements
  • driving laws
  • parks/campgrounds fees
  • public land issues
  • display and sale of motorhomes by out-of-sate RV dealers and manufacturers at RV trade shows
  • border crossing issues such as sufficient avenues of entry for motorhomes
  • supplemental braking laws (pertaining to towed vehicles)

Means of assistance
FMCA has a Governmental and Legislative Advisory Committee that assists members with motorhome rights issues.

FMCA can coordinate mailings to legislators and other FMCA members to call attention to meetings of government or neighborhood associations.

FMCA may assist with payment of fees of attorneys who perform services at FMCA's direction. More financial support may be available on a case-by-case basis.

FMCA does not employ lobbyists but will, on request, provide members a handbook on how to lobby, as well as other government-related resources.

FMCA has a Parking Rights Manual & Guide that is available online to members. It outlines suggested courses of action to follow when confronted with proposed ordinances or restrictions regulating outside parking and storage of your motorhome. It also contains case studies of ordinances that have been resolved both successfully and unsuccessfully.

Members may request a copy of the Parking Rights Manual by contacting the Membership department.

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