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Tour Connection - RV rallies and caravans

FMCA Tour Connection offers members the opportunity to embark on member-only RV caravans and rallies at discounted rates. In addition, members receive a courtesy discount on other Fantasy RV Tours and Rallies.

Fantasy hosts exciting member-only tours to some of the most sought-after vacation destinations. Each tour is professionally planned and includes many organized activities and events. Guests simply show up, take in the sights and enjoy the experience ... all in the company of fellow RVers.

The rallies and caravans available to FMCA members are listed below.

For more information, including detailed itineraries, visit or call toll-free (855) 385-3622.

9-Day Mardi Gras 02/06/18 02/14/18
13-Day Baja Whale Watching 03/12/18 03/24/18
39-Day Australia/New Zealand 04/03/18 05/11/18
8-Day Washington, D.C. 04/27/18 05/04/18
8-Day The Real Outback Add-On 05/11/18 05/18/18
27-Day Great Lakes of North America 05/24/18 06/19/18
61 Day Ultimate Eastern Provinces 06/18/18 08/17/18
7-Day Calgary Stampede 07/04/18 07/10/18
14-Day Alberta, Canada & Montana Summer Swing 07/04/18 07/17/18
61-Day Ultimate Alaska 07/07/18 09/05/18
48-Day Heart of Alaska 07/14/18 08/30/18
27-Day Canadian Maritimes 08/03/18 08/29/18
34-Day Western National Parks 08/30/18 10/02/18
8-Day New York City 09/09/18 09/16/18
29-Day Autumn in New England 09/18/18 10/16/18
15-Day Polar Bear Express 10/02/18 10/16/18
9-Day Mardi Gras Rally 02/26/19 03/06/19
14-Day Cajun Heartland 03/09/19 03/22/19
13-Day Baja Whale Watching 03/10/19 03/22/19
20-Day Civil War 03/31/19 04/19/19
7-Day Kentucky Derby 04/29/19 05/05/19
13-Day Made in America Music 05/09/19 05/21/19
29-Day Canadian Maritime Your Way 06/10/19 07/08/19
60-Day Premier Alaska 06/18/19 08/16/19
61-Day Ultimate Eastern Provinces 06/19/19 08/18/19
6-Day Calgary Stampede Finals 07/10/19 07/15/19
36-Day Alaska Express Your Way 07/14/19 08/18/19
33-Day National Parks of the North 07/18/19 08/19/19
24-Day Upstate New York 08/14/19 09/06/19
38-Day Canada Land & Sea 08/23/19 09/29/19
15-Day Polar Bear Express 09/27/19 10/11/19
7-Day New Orleans Culinary Christmas 12/03/19 12/09/19


Additional FMCA Member-Only Tours will be announced as time goes on. If none of these tours or destinations meet your needs, please check out the full complement of RV adventures offered by Fantasy RV Tours - visit or call toll-free (855) 385-3622.

View member testimonials and slide show of the inaugural Washington, D.C. tour.


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