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We love having FMCA members stay at the FMCA campground in Cincinnati. Please note, however, that because of rallies taking place, the campground will be full immediately following the Indy convention through July 23 and again from July 27 through 30. So, if you were planning to stop by on your way home from Indy, you’ll want to make arrangements to stay elsewhere. Please feel free to stop by and stay another time. Apart from special chapter rallies, spaces are available on a first-come basis. It’s always a good idea to call the national office to find out whether a rally is taking place during the time frame when you wish to visit.

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Big news! It's time to take a step in the right direction, CLICK HERE to learn more about FMCA's plans to remodel.

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Tire pressure is serious business, and the TireMinder® Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) offers serious peace of mind.

Minder Research, Inc. of Stuart, Florida, presents the TireMinder® Tire Pressure Monitoring System TMG400C-4 and TMG400C-6 for RVs, fifth-wheels and motorhomes.

TireMinder TMG400C mounted to an RV windshieldDesigned to monitor tire pressure and temperature continuously, the TireMinder TPMS offers both visual AND audible warnings if a tire’s pressure drops or if tire temperature exceeds 167 degrees fahrenheit (blowout warnings.) Drivers can easily monitor up to 22 wheels simultaneously.

The TMG400C-4 includes four compact, lightweight pressure/temperature transmitters which screw directly onto the valve stems. Transmitters weigh less than 1/2 ounce and will not affect tire balance.

The TMG400C-6 includes six transmitters and a hardwired booster that eliminates signal loss caused by electronic interference and/or distance.

The TireMinder transmitter is installed on the valve stem of an RV tire.TireMinder® transmitters have replaceable lithium batteries. Included in the package are an easy-to-read digital monitor, extra lithium batteries, a heavy-duty multi-angle bracket, a 12-/24-volt charger, and a one-year warranty.

Sets of two extra transmitters (TMT400C-2) are available for RVs. Towed cars with a built-in TPMS may require aluminum transmitters (TMT400C-2AL).

TireMinder Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System products include transmitters and a transmission booster.TireMinder® TPMS customers are eligible to receive FREE transmitter batteries annually through 2018. To enroll in the program, owners can fill out and return the warranty card. The replacement program allows TPMS owners to send their used lithium transmitter batteries to Minder Research for safe disposal. The company will return an equal number of batteries at no charge.

“This program saves our customers money and protects our environment by facilitating battery recycling and proper disposal of used batteries,” said Debbie Druien, president of Minder Research. “The program makes replacing transmitter batteries easy, and we will discard the old ones in an ecologically responsible manner.”

The TireMinder 6400C-6 Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemTireMinder® customers who purchased the TPMS system before the free battery program was in place are also eligible.

The TireMinder® TPMS costs less than ONE RV tire or high-performance tire, yet saves gas, time and money.

Check out the TPMS installation video by Mark Polk of RV Education 101:

For more information, contact Minder Research, Inc. at (772) 463-6522 or via e-mail: e-mail: Or, visit


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