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FMCA Delivers Mail Forwarding Services for RV Owners

Travel with confidence knowing your mailing and residency needs are covered. Your RV trips will be easier than ever... and way more fun!

Americas Mailbox

Why Choose Americas Mailbox?

When you sign up for mail forwarding service from Americas Mailbox, you’re gaining a dedicated partner. Make sure your mail experience is as seamless as possible, no matter whether you’re across town or across the globe. See what sets Americas Mailbox apart by reaching out and signing up today.

Americas Mailbox is all about saving you money!

When you compare companies and services provided side-by-side, Americas Mailbox provides the best value in South Dakota. Some companies may offer additional services that show up in their fine print at greatly inflated prices. Americas Mailbox takes pride in serving you honestly and fairly and does not believe in charging you for services you rarely need.

Americas Mailbox makes it easy to sign up for mail forwarding service. Note, you will need to sign up for an account before you can start receiving mail and complete other South Dakota residency requirements.

The first step in signing up to join Americas Mailbox is choosing a service option or plan. Five plans are offered, covering everything from providing a simple home base to offering business class mail solutions:

  • Bronze: Receive up to 7 pieces of mail per year; limited address changes
  • Silver: All mail is forwarded; only occasional special handling or packages; secure account access
  • Gold: Junk mail removed; medium amount of packages and special handling; secure account access
  • Platinum: Designed for small businesses; large volume of mail and package handling; secure account access
  • Titanium Scanning: All Platinum services plus mail and exterior/inerior scanning and more

For more information or questions, contact Americas Mailbox at

(605) 718-1234 or visit https://americasmailbox.com/FMCA

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