FMCA Structure

FMCA has nearly 300 active chapters divided into 10 areas - 9 geographic plus the International Area (chapters focused on a special interest rather than geography).

Each of the 10 areas has a not-for-profit association designed to promote and improve communication among FMCA and all FMCA chapters within its respective area.

A primary function of the area associations is to help plan and carry out an annual area rally and other events that benefit members of a chapter within the area. Similarly, the areas assist FMCA with an international convention when they are held in their area, and provide many volunteers for parking, security, seminars, trams, and other convention duties.

In addition to coordinating the FMCA area rally in their respective regions, associations may organize mini rallies during the year.

Area Association Structure

Each association has its own bylaws that define its governance structure. The FMCA national area vice president serves as president of the area association. The area association officers generally consist of the president, senior vice president, vice presidents, a secretary, and a treasurer.

Area Association Structure

Chapter Officers: Having trouble recruiting new leaders?

FMCA has developed a guidance video below to help you recruit new officers.