Tech Connect

Exclusive FMCA Members-Only Benefit
Great deals on technology plans when RVing. Looking for a reliable connection? Stay connected with FMCA.

The Importance of Internet for RVers

In today's digital world, having internet isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity! Nearly 80% of our lives are online, and for RVers, staying connected is crucial. Imagine working remotely from your RV, attending tele-health doctor visits, pursuing online education, shopping with ease, and keeping up with friends and family through social media—all while exploring the open road. With Tech Connect+, an exclusive member-only benefit, your RV becomes a hub of productivity and connectivity, ensuring you never miss a beat in your busy, adventurous life. Stay connected and live life to the fullest!

Choose Your Plan

Tech Connect+ MAX

Get ready for lightning-fast internet with Tech Connect+ MAX! For just $59.99/month, enjoy unlimited data and speeds up to a blazing 380 Mbps on 4G LTE and 5G networks. Stream movies, video chat, and more with coverage across the U.S. and parts of Canada and Mexico. Even if you use over 100GB on busy towers, speeds will return to normal on less crowded ones. Kickstart your adventure with a $39.99 activation fee and stay connected everywhere!

You can use the provided hotspot with the plan, or bring your own hotspot device as long as it's unlocked and can take a SIM card. Enjoy the flexibility of using the devices you love!

Tech Connect+ Plus

Stay effortlessly connected with Tech Connect+ Plus! At $59.99/month, enjoy unlimited data with reliable speeds up to 25 Mbps on 4G LTE. Perfect for browsing, emailing, and everyday use, with U.S. coverage. After 100GB, speeds may slow on busy towers but will bounce back on less crowded ones. With a $39.99 activation fee, enjoy stress-free internet on the go!

Benefit Details

Truly Unlimited Plans

Both plans offer truly unlimited data, only slowing down if you hit 100GB on busy towers. Speeds return to normal on less crowded towers. Enjoy endless internet without limits!

No Contract

Both plans are through FMCA and are no contract and month to month, you can cancel any time.

White Glove Technical Support

FMCA provides top-notch white glove technical support. We diagnose slow speeds, fix connection issues, and help set up devices like computers, phones, tablets, printers, and TVs. Enjoy hassle-free tech support!

Exclusive Discounts

As an FMCA member, enjoy exclusive discounts from commercial partners like WIFIRanger, Mobile Internet Resource Center, and CellBooster. Save more while exploring the open road with special offers tailored just for you!

You may be able save up to 40-50% on cell phone service!

Go here to see pricing!

How do I sign up?

Signing up is a breeze!

Visit this page to see your options for Tech Connect+ Max or Tech Connect+ Plus. Just click the "Sign Up Now" button under the plan you want, and you're all set!

What are people saying?

Enjoying FMCA's T-Mobile hotspot! Used it from Miami Beach to Tucson, AZ, no issues. Great for streaming our Beyond the Wheel podcast live, thanks to T-Mobile Inseego hotspot's reliable signal. With FMCA's unlimited plan, no data worries! Setup was easy - just turn on and connect. Battery lasts for hours, giving us freedom to surf anywhere. Highly recommend for RVers, travelers, or remote workers!


We have been using the member only TechConnect+ Max benefit from FMCA, for a few months and it is outstanding. We travel all over the country in our RV and have experienced consistent good speeds. Speeds have completely exceeded our expectations, with download speeds of over 200 Mbps. The hotspot itself is very easy to use and has a nice digital display which is a touch screen. Overall, we are very impressed with the TechConnect+ Max benefit, using it for streaming services and Zoom calls.


Our new T-Mobile hotspot is certainly faster than our former AT&T device. We are able to use it for streaming TV while on the road, and picture quality does not seem to vary at our location in Orange Beach, AL. I know we will be very happy with our new hotspot from T-Mobile. Thanks again for all your help.


I can't say enough good things about FMCA/T-Mobile! T-Mobile data speeds are unbelievable. I am routinely seeing speeds faster than my hard-wired home internet - even while rolling down the road! The hotspot functionality on my phone is great. Two clicks and my laptop or tablet are experiencing lightning-fast internet! At these unbeatable prices and unlimited data plan - this is a no-brainer! Get it now!


As a full-time RVer, I need a reliable and fast internet connection to stay in touch with my family and friend. I chose AT&T through FMCA TechConnect. With AT&T through FMCA TechConnect, I get unlimited data on a dedicated hotspot device for only $59.99/month. The speed is sufficient to stream on more than one device while surfing on other devices. Service is provided through AT&T's nationwide 4G LTE network.


I have been using the Tech Connect AT&T (and before the AT&T was available, T Mobile) unlimited Hot Spot for about two years now. I have travelled from NH to Key West, from Key West Northwest to Seattle, From Seattle to LA and now through AZ, NM and into Texas without ever losing service that I can recall. I am a full timer and my wife and I both work from our RV. We depend on Tech Connect for all our internet needs from TV to emails and work downloads and uploads. When I have had a question,


The FMCA hot spot brand has changed many times. All of them worked very well. We continue to enjoy the FMCA service. I have only good things to say about you


I love my tech connect mini. Power went out in my home for 5 hours one day 6 the next day. My device kept me connected and in touch.


On the road for 60 days in 2023 and the FMCA Tech Connect+, AT&T hotspot kept us connected to the internet the entire time, on the road or at the campground. There was no need to try to use any campground's iffy wifi. At home we stream all of our television using a Roku device and apps such as Netflix, Prime, Hulu, etc. On the road in our motorhome we connected our Roku to the TV and then connected it to wifi from the AT&T hotspot. All of our shows played exactly as at our home. The A

CROSS, TOM, F534410

We've been Tech Connect members for several years. We appreciate the ability to stream and rarely do we find ourselves without the ability to do so. Jason and crew have always been available to answer questions quickly and accurately. We appreciate the service.

GILES, BRAD, F513831

I absolutely love the Tech Connect+! I have been a FMCA Tech Connect+ subscriber for 2 years now. I always have the high-speed connection no matter where I am at, and the response of the FMCA technical team is always there for me. It's so easy to use and set-up. Thank you FMCA!


I wanted to send a thank-you note for the opportunity to subscribe to T-Mobile for our hotspot through FMCA. We have contracted with other Wi-Fi internet companies only to be throttled back after 25GB, even though they claim to be unlimited. My wife and I are heavy users, and we have not seen any reduction in service or signal as we travel across the country. So far, our signal has been stronger than what the RV park offers. Thanks again for the great services offered to FMCA members.


We have had our wi-fi hot spot through Tech Connect for over a year now and it has worked very well for us as we travel across the US. It has been very reliable and is a great price for truly unlimited data usage. We just recently had the hotspot fail and we were helped by Brett at Tech Connect+. He diagnosed the problem and within 2 days we had a replacement arrive at the RV park we are staying at. That is fantastic service and we are so glad we are FMCA members and able to use it!