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FMCA Roadside Rescue

FMCA Roadside Assistance

For those currently enrolled in the program, please note the following phone number:

For dispatch, call (855) 737-0737 and choose the appropriate prompt:

Prompt 1: Customer Service
Prompt 2: RV Tech Support
Prompt 3: Roadside Assistance
Prompt 4: Mobile Mechanic
Prompt 5: Repair Locator Service
Prompt 6: Concierge Service
Prompt 7: Trip Interruption
Prompt 8: Trip Routing

For administrative and general inquiries, or to sign up please call (877) 581-8581.

What do I get with the policy?

The policy is the same as it was before, but now you get it for less.  Specifics of the policy can be seen below.

Are my additional vehicles, spouse, and dependents eligible for coverage?

Yes, your tow car and additional vehicles are covered.  Owner, spouse or spousal equivalent, and any children under the age of 25 years old living at home or away at school also have their vehicles covered.

Do I have to be a certain number of miles away from my home to use the program?

No, there is no distance from home to use the program.

Is there a limit on the amount of times I can use the service?

No, there is no written number of times you may use the program.  Use is unlimited, but if it becomes apparent you are not maintaining your vehicles you could be subject to a rate increase.

I signed up at $109, how do I cancel and get the new price?

You may cancel your current policy, but must do so in writing as detailed in your copy of the policy to receive a prorated refund from Vehicle Administrative Services.  Cancellations in writing will need to be mailed to:

SafeRide RV Motor Club
13901 Midway Road
Suite 102-429
Dallas, TX 75244-4388

How do I know if I have a current plan with SafeRide?

For general inquiries you can call SafeRide directly at (877) 581-8581.  You will need to provide your name, address, and FMCA Membership Number.

How does this plan compare to other plans?

CLICK HERE to compare.


Towing to the nearest qualified repair center. If a non-accident related tow is necessary, the customer’s disabled vehicle will be taken to the nearest qualified repair facility. (ALL Diesel pusher Motorhomes MUST have the Drive axles disconnected prior to towing ANY distance. Furthermore, because of air suspensions, they can usually not be towed but need a lowboy flatbed trailer.)

What does "nearest qualified repair shop" mean?

Qualified equates to placing the unit at a repair center that can handle the specific type of repair. In many cases the member has already “pre-qualified” with the location they request it be towed to. If not, you will be towed to the nearest location within the SafeRide RV Motor Club network of authorized repair shops.

Is there an age limit to tow my RV or vehicle?

There is no age limit to have your RV or vehicle towed, as long as the vehicle is able to be moved. There was a 15-year limit at one point, but that has since been removed from the policy.

Jump Starts

Service is provided to start the customer’s weak or dead battery.

Mobile Tire Service

If a spare tire is not available, we will dispatch a mobile tire service company who will mount a like tire. Mobile tire service is not available in all areas. Towing to the nearest qualified tire center will be provided if mobile tire service is not available. You will be responsible for all parts and labor fees.

Vehicle Fluid Delivery

Service is provided to deliver standard vehicle fluids: gas, oil or coolant. Customer pays cost of fluids.

Lockout Assistance

Service is provided to gain entry into customer’s vehicle. Customer is responsible for the cost of key cutting parts and labor.

Winch-out Service

Benefits apply as long as the RV can be safely reached from an established, maintained road, thoroughfare, paved street, highway, public or private parking lot. Winch-out coverage also applies when member is attending FMCA events and rallies.Winch-out services do NOT apply if the RV is more than 50 feet from an established, maintained road or thoroughfare, or was intentionally driven off the road, or when your RV cannot be reached safely. Benefit does not apply to recovery work (e.g., RV is down a hillside or embankment) or if the RV has been in an accident. Winch-Out services have a dollar limit of $500.

Coverage for additional vehicles

Customers have coverage for an unlimited number of incidents. "Classic" cars — show cars from the '70s or earlier — are not covered.

RV Technical Assistance Hotline

Get phone access to ASE-certified technicians to assist with first-level instructions and technical diagnosis with basic troubleshooting and common operational issues with your registered RV. Customers must provide the technician with the RV chassis type, year, make, model, a brief description of the issue, and the location of the RV. The member performing technical adjustments or modifications does so at his/her own risk. Use of this benefit is unlimited.

*Service does not cover major repairs that could void a warranty or RVs with prototype or customized parts.

Mobile Mechanic Dispatch Service

In the event of a mechanical breakdown, SafeRide RV Motor Club will assist in arranging the dispatch of a mobile mechanic to the customer’s location, if the customer is more than 50 miles from the nearest repair facility. The customer is responsible for all charges related to on-site repairs, including travel fees, parts and labor.

Close the Loop

An exclusive feature of re-contacting the customer within 15 minutes of the scheduled ETA to ensure service has been rendered.

Trip Interruption Benefits

In the event of an RV mechanical breakdown, SafeRide RV Motor Club will reimburse the member up to $300 per day for a maximum of five days ($1,500 total) for lodging and meals when the customer is more than 100 miles from home and the vehicle must be kept for repairs at the licensed repair facility. Member must submit receipts and verification of repairs to SafeRide RV Motor Club for benefit reimbursement. Limited to one incident per 12-month period during enrollment term.

RV Concierge Services

  • Business locator
  • Historical site locator
  • Hotel reservations
  • Local activities
  • Car rental reservations
  • Wireless device assistance
  • ATM locator
  • Tickets- theater, music, sports
  • Prescription delivery
  • Restaurant referral, reservations
  • RV campground referral
  • Golf course tee times and referrals
  • RV storage facility locator
  • Rental vehicle return
  • RV personal delivery service
  • Hotel rebooking during an emergency
  • Turn-by-turn driving directions
  • Arranging emergency return travel
  • Traffic reports
  • Guaranteed hotel check-in

Be sure to download and print a copy of your policy with your member cards by clicking on the .pdf found on the enrollment completion page.



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