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The Knot Fore Busses Only chapter celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2013.

This Northeast Area chapter welcomes owners of all types of vehicles.

By Hank Blatt, F45536
February 2014

A chapter named For Busses Only was chartered by FMCA on December 15, 1983. Back when the group began, all members owned converted buses, and this common interest was the basis for chapter formation. As the buses grew older and no longer were repairable, members retired their older vehicles and began replacing them with production motorhomes.

To reflect the changes, in January 1997 our chapter’s name became Knot Fore Busses Only (KFBO). Today KFBO has 28 member families, and some of us retain our bus conversions. But most own Type A or Type C motorhomes. One family even has a “Super C.”

Most KFBO chapter members live in New Jersey, with a few in Pennsylvania. We hold rallies once a month from April through October. Usually we meet at a campground, but we’re not put off by dry camping, either. We have a core of places in the area that we always enjoy, but we mix it up a bit by going to locations we haven’t been to before, just to keep things interesting and refreshing.

Rallies generally are held Friday through Sunday. We start on Friday with a happy hour (or longer) that everyone contributes to, and the array of hors d’oeuvres is so filling and delicious that dinner is never needed. Then we sit around a campfire and discuss the nearby attractions that might interest us.

Our Saturday morning meal is managed by the host for the weekend, and coffee is supplied by the club. We are on our own for the rest of the day to discover the area and its activities. On Saturday evening we gather back at camp for a potluck that always seems to amaze. Sometimes we have pizza delivered to the campground, or even a catered dinner.

From time to time we plan an “away game,” such as a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina that will take us out of town for as long as a week.

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we extend our friendship, sociability, and companionship to anyone looking to camp with like-minded people. Our membership qualification is simple: an annual dues of $10 is all you need to become part of this vibrant chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association. Come out and give us a try. We look forward to meeting you.

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