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"What does FMCA do for me? Well, speaking for myself, the memories and the new friends that I have made are worth a trillion dollars. I will cherish the memories as long as I live." — an FMCA member

If one were to query members of the Family Motor Coach Association with regard to what they have gained from their affiliation with that organization, a host of different answers invariably would crop up.

Some of the members of this international association of motorhome owners would talk about how the FMCA mail forwarding service helps to ease their worries by assisting them in keeping up with their mail while they rove about North America. Others would likely speak favorably of the magazine and the wealth of information the publication supplies them.

Indeed, the membership services provided by the Family Motor Coach Association are of great value to many of its members. But perhaps the most important facets of the Family Motor Coach Association are the fellowship and camaraderie that are so central to the very being of the organization. Because of this, many FMCA members would likely express sentiments similar to those appearing at the opening of this article.

Through their association with FMCA, many motorhomers have developed lifelong friendships and have found frequent traveling companions. Indeed, this network of friends serves as the basis for the existence of the organization. Members of the Family Motor Coach Association share a common interest — that being the motorhome lifestyle.

When FMCA members get together, they exchange information about places to visit, activities to enjoy, and even mechanical or livability pointers that they've discovered in their travels. Most important of all, however, are the good times that they share.

In addition to providing opportunities for fellowshipping with existing FMCA members, who can be identified by the oval membership emblems — "goose eggs" — displayed on their motorhomes, the association serves as an opener for meeting new motorhomers at campgrounds and other destinations. In fact, many of the members of FMCA were introduced to the association by fellow motorhomers they met in their travels.

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