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The Cricket ESV entered the market in 2005, and the Cricket SX3 was available soon after and now the 2020 RX5 model.  These vehicles utilize all-electric motors, providing easier maintenance and completely green operation.  These models are both lightweight and compact, and they pack a lot of convenience and luxury into just one small transportation package.  You won't want to leave the house for a trade show, weekend trip, or sporting event without your Cricket Cart.  Whether you're going on a weekend camping trip, taking the kids to an auto race, or attending a music festival, your Cricket Cart is the perfect companion. 

When you need to be someplace, you don't want to waste any time in getting there.  Traveling or even just walking moderate distances can seriously put a damper on your day.  If you're on vacation, attending a festival or event, or just trying to manage getting around your beachfront property, you would much rather be enjoying your time with friends and family than hiking to your destination.  What you really need is specialized "destination mobility" transportation that is ultra-easy to use and store.  




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