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Magne Shades are simply amazing! The Magne Shade system allows the coach owner to install their shades from the ground in about 20 seconds WITHOUT A LADDER! Each shade we produce is custom fabricated from templates for a very tailored fit.

Magne Shades attach to the windshield using Super Powerful interior mounted Rare Earth magnets that adhere to the interior of the windshield with a peel and stick 3M adhesive. Just mate up the magnets to the shade and you're done! Installation of the magnets is fast and easy, no tools required, NO HOLES IN YOUR COACH either!

We custom fabricate our shades using American Made pvc coated 90% sun and U.V. blocking fabrics and binding it all together with a Sunbrella Acrylic binding. These custom shades are sure to turn heads wherever you travel to!

Since 2009 our customers have raved about their Magne Shades on, and other forums so check us out and see what our owners have to say about our patent pending shade system.

Hunckler Fabrication LLC, invented this unique system and the Magne Shade brand is now known across the U.S. and Canada as the premier shading system for your windshield and other windows. Other products we fabricate include tire shades, wiper blade covers, the new "FLIP SHADE" as well as interior magnetic windshield shades. Call us today or visit our web site for a quote.

Custom digitally printed shades are real attention getters and you can choose any image you like or provide one to us for your shade.


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