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Help Is Around The Corner

The Stoppin' Spots directory lists FMCA members who offer assistance and hospitality to fellow members on the road. JOIN NOW or Sign In to search the current database of members on this list. Visit your Member Dashboard and click Member Directory Stoppin' Spots to search the current database of members on this list.

Stop Over Spots

You're welcome to stop over at the volunteering member's home for a 24-hour emergency stay.

Come Visit

FMCA members may visit the volunteering member's home for a 24-hour friendship stay, unless invited by the host member to stay longer.

Mechanic's Helper

If an FMCA member's RV breaks down along the road in a volunteering member's area, the volunteering member is available to assist him or her in locating quality local service.

Pinch Hit Driver

Any FMCA member who encounters an emergency that prevents the member from driving his or her RV while on the road may request the assistance of an FMCA member-driver to transport the RV to a chosen destination at the owner's expense.

Any FMCA member who would like to be included in the Stoppin' Spots directory under one or more of the four categories can do so by visiting their member profile page or by contacting the Member Services Department at (800) 543-3622 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A huge thank you to Robert and Rita Landrum, F413023, "FMCA Pinch Hitters and Red River Rovers chapter members for helping return our motorhome to storage. I suffered an ankle injury while doing maintenance on my motorhome and could not drive. Robert and Rita graciously answered our request for help to get the motorhome back to storage. Robert even gave me a lesson in the 3-point turn to get the motorhome into its space. FMCA members are the best!"

- Mike & Nancy Honkomp (F429915)

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