Individuals considering and researching the RV lifestyle now have a reliable option for educating themselves before making their purchase and beginning their adventure.

Published on: 05/08/2024

Cincinnati, Ohio ‐ In 2021, the RV Industry Association released results of a demographic study that concluded there were 11.2 million RV-owning households in the United States, plus another 20.5 million households planning to buy an RV. With new RV owners entering the marketplace all the time, the leadership of FMCA — the world’s largest nonprofit RV association — recognized a need. They decided to create a new membership category called Pathfinder, with the goal of assisting these “RV intenders” and making sure they are armed with the know-how they should have as they launch their RV adventure.

“Throughout its 60-year history, FMCA has positioned itself as a leader in RV education,” FMCA CEO Chris Smith said. “When we looked around the RV industry, we noticed that a void existed in terms of serving new people entering the lifestyle. Of course, you can find all sorts of information online these days, but what seemed to be needed was a singular source of trustworthy content. FMCA wants to provide that via Pathfinder membership. Essentially, we want to use our expertise to light the way to RV ownership.”

FMCA publishes Family RVing, a bimonthly magazine — in print, digital, and web formats — as well as its monthly “Mile Marker” and quarterly “Tech Talk” e-newsletters. In addition, the association offers FMCA University, an unparalleled online repository of knowledge available exclusively to members. Another key component of FMCA’s education program is biannual events where approximately 100 different RV-related seminar sessions take place. Plus, in partnership with the RV Driving School, hands-on driving and backing lessons are offered prior to each of these events.

Annual dues for Pathfinder members are just $50. They will have access to all member benefits; however, they won’t receive a numbered FMCA membership emblem since they don’t yet own an RV on which to display it, and they will not be able to hold office or vote. Once they purchase an RV, Pathfinder members can easily convert to a full membership in FMCA.

To learn more about FMCA and all the benefits of belonging, visit or call (513) 474-3622 or (800) 543-3622.


FMCA is the world's largest not-for-profit association for recreation vehicle (RV) owners. The organization maintains its national headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, and currently has nearly 125,000 active members. FMCA offers its members a number of benefits, including a subscription to its monthly magazine, Family RVing; a medical emergency and travel assistance program valued at $200 per family; a tire purchasing program; group rates on a roadside assistance program, RV and auto insurance, and health insurance; discounted rates for RV tours and caravans; and discounts on mobile internet access plans. Perhaps the most important benefit of FMCA membership is the camaraderie and friendships that develop among people enjoying the common interest of RV travel.

The organization can be reached at (513) 474-3622 or (800) 543-3622 and on the web at

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