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Use this handbook to assist in the successful operation of your chapter.


  Chapter President — P&P 3018
  President Guidelines
  Chapter Vice President — P&P 3019
  Vice President Guidelines
  Chapter Secretary — P&P 3020
  Secretary Guidelines
  Chapter Treasurer
  Treasurer Guidelines
  National Director and Alternative National Director Responsibilities
  National Director Guidelines
  Alternate National Director Guidelines
  Chapter Representation at Governing Board Meetings — P&P 3024
  National Area Vice President's Responsibilities
  Conference Call Business Meetings
  Chapter Secretary Newsletter
  Planning a Chapter Rally
  Request for Certificate of Liability Insurance
  Association Calendar Form  (pdf)   |   Online form
  Meeting Agenda
  American Flag Etiquette
  Canadian Flag Etiquette
  The new `Chapter Recruitment Toolkit` will go here when it is updated
  Monthly New and Past Due Information Form  (pdf)   |   Monthly New and Past Due Information Form  (online)
  P&P 3023 — Chapter Rallies
  P&P 3023A — Discounted Rates for Chapter Display Advertising
  Chapter Bylaws Format (pdf)  | Chapter Bylaws Format (doc)  |    Updating Chapter Bylaws
  Chapter Officer Form (pdf)   |   Online form
  Chapter Standing Rules Format
  Copyright Information
  FMCA Bylaws
  FMCA Constititution
  FMCA Risk Management Guide
  Incorporation Memo
  Legal Action Fund — P&P2017
  Newsletter/Web Guidelines
  Think Like a Leader (online only)

We thank the following FMCA members for helping to develop this handbook:

Steve and Judy Czarsty, F79148; Jane Farrar, F88969; Jim Jennings, F94845; Long Islanders chapter; Earl Lovell, F85324; Sue Marino, F111272; Jean Pryor, L12913; Jack Rose, F138052; and the Southern Arizona chapter.

This handbook is subject to change and may be revised at any time.