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Beginning October 1, 2020, FMCA will be migrating to a new internal database. During this time we will not be able to process any transactions or update any member records. Should you need information or have questions about member benefits, the website will still be available, along with FMCA representatives if you prefer to call. The system could be down until October 15, 2020, but we are hopeful we will be back up and running sooner. We thank you for your patience and will continue to provide updates as best we can during this time.
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Pet Insurance for RVers

FMCA Makes Pet Travel Easier

Protection for your pets. Peace of mind for you.

If you have a pet, you know how expensive it can be to provide veterinary care for them, whether from a regular check-up or a sick visit. And if your furry family member does fall ill, it would be heartbreaking to have finances stand in the way of obtaining needed care. Have you ever wished you had insurance for your pet?

Good news! FMCA members receive a 5 percent discount off the cost of pet insurance for either a dog or a cat, brought to you by our partners at FMCA RVinsurance. FMCA members can choose between Nationwide Insurance or Embrace Pet Insurance, and three options for pet health plans are available.

After your pet visits a vet, you send in the claim form and the insurance company will reimburse your expenses. The plan uses a benefits schedule - which comes with your policy and can be viewed online - to determine reimbursements for various treatments and procedures.

Join FMCA today to be eligible for discounted pet insurance — perfect for RV travelers!

Select a plan based on your specific needs and budget

Click the button below to obtain a quote or call (877) 738-7874 and mention that you are a member of FMCA.