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Keep Rolling with the FMCA Tire Program

When your family travels, whether by RV or personal vehicle, tire safety is critical. You could save hundreds of dollars on specially rated light truck, passenger car, and RV tires through the Michelin Advantage and Continental Choice Tire Programs brought to you by FMCA. Buy tires at the program price near you at any participating commercial Michelin or Continental RV Tire Dealer across the United States. This comes in especially handy when a tire emergency occurs while you are traveling in your RV.

  • Consistent Pricing - Pay the same price on new RV tires at all authorized Michelin and Continental Tire Dealers
  • Convenient Payment Options
  • Pay with any VISA, Mastercard, or American Express credit or debit card
  • Program available for active FMCA members

In order for dealers to recognize you as an FMCA member, you’ll need to provide your FMCA member number and expiration date. If you haven’t already, locate your FMCA Membership Card to find your Membership Number and expiration date.

Any fees for mounting, balancing, federal excise tax, state and local taxes, and tire disposal are extra. Some fees may be quoted locally by the servicing dealer.

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Get on the road to savings with Michelin Advantage pricing available through your FMCA membership.

The Michelin Advantage Program is intended to provide competitive prices on Michelin tires at all authorized commercial Michelin tire dealers that handle the Michelin Advantage Program.

For questions regarding the Michelin Advantage Program please call the FMCA Membership Department at 800-543-3622.

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Save on tires with the Continental Choice Program available through your FMCA membership.

Continental develops intelligent technologies for transporting people and their goods. They offer the right tire for every application and type of terrain. Whether you need to take the highway, regional roads, city traffic or even venture off road, our premium tires for trucks, buses, and RVs are engineered to suit your specific application needs. Buy tires at program price at any participating Continental Dealer across the United States.

For questions regarding the Continental Choice Program please call Continental directly at 704-583-8196.


*Light truck and passenger tires currently not available through the Continental Choice Program

Bob and Bev Stratton

"Using the Michelin Advantage program, I actually saved $619 in comparison to what an RV Authorized Newmar Service provider quoted for the same tires. This $$ saving alone justified continued membership in FMCA for several years to come."

- Bob & Bev Stratton, F459519