Upgrade Your RV!

Add Wireless Monitoring From RV Whisper®

RV Whisper Product

RV Whisper® brings peace of mind to RV owners with remote monitoring when you are away from your RV. All wireless sensors make it easy to "Upgrade Your RV". The app has the following features:

Pet Safety Alerts

RV Whisper® can automatically send text and email alerts when your RV's Indoor Temperature gets too hot. For peace of mind, check the temperature over the internet from your phone at any time. For an "early warning" alerts can be sent when shore power is lost – even before the RV Temperature starts to rise on a hot day.

Data Logging

RV Whisper® logs all data from it’s wireless sensors so you can easily see the most recent values along with graphs of historical data in the app. Support for Multiple Temperature sensors lets you see things like the Indoor, Outdoor, Fridge and Freezer Temperatures all in one place. Graphing of historical data can let you easily see how warm your Fridge and Freezer got while traveling on a hot day.

Supports these Wireless Sensors

Each RV Whisper system supports up to 10 Temperature Sensors, 10 Battery Sensors, 10 Propane Level Sensors, 1 Park Power Sensor, 10 Door Sensors, 10 Motion Sensors and 10 Water Leak Sensors.

Email and Text Message Alerting

Customizable alerts let RV Whisper® send both email and text messages when any value (such as Indoor Temperature) is too high or low.


Access data from anywhere when RV Whisper® connects to WiFi in your RV. Display your RV Whisper® data on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - either locally or over the internet.

RV Battery Monitoring for Confidence When Boondocking

RV Whisper® wireless battery sensors can monitor Volts, Amps and State of Charge of your RV's batteries. Use the RV Whisper® app to offer valuable insight into your batteries state of charge over time with easy graphing of logged data. Whether you use solar or a generator or both to recharge your batteries you will be able to easily visualize your daily battery energy cycle so you can boondock with confidence.

Long Term Storage

Worried about your RV while you're away for days or when it is in storage? As long as both RV Whisper and your RV WiFi are powered on (best by your house batteries), RV Whisper® is logging data, sending alerts and providing remote access. Now you can check over the internet if your RV lost shore power over the last week, see how the fridge/freezer temperatures were during hot weather and track your propane use on the coldest nights. Since all data is logged you can easily graph your RV's historical data in the app.

Protect your loved ones, your investment, and save some money with RV Whisper.