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A Softer Start For Your RV

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Reduce Startup Power Demands By Up To 70%

SoftStartRV™ temporarily reduces the load and torque in the electric current rush of the motor in start up. This reduces the mechanical stress on the motor and on the attached power cables and electrical delivery network, extending the life of the system.

It uses a soft start ramp up sequence that achieves a low start up current. SoftStartRV™ can deliver 65-70% start current decrease as compared to a compressor's LRA (locked rotor amperage).

SoftStartRV™ is the ideal solution that enables an RV air conditioner to start and run on a generator, inverter, or limited utility power when it would have otherwise not started.

How It Works?

The unit controls the inrush of current by starting the compressor motor slowly. It controls the start up voltage of the motor/compressor judiciously to effectively reduce the inrush and outpouring current while starting up. It consumes much less power from campground networks or a generator system, but still delivers full start up torque for motors and compressors.

The initial locked rotor amps (LRA) needed to start the RV A/C system can create high current surges that can unfavorably affect the operation of an overloaded power source.

In many situations, this gentler method of managing the power surge can mean the difference between using a small generator, such as a Honda EU2200i or investing thousands of dollars in a large, heavier, back breaking generator. For RVs with a small generator and inverter, the SoftStartRV™ will also allow the choice of running an air conditioning system from an inverter. It's easy to install too, just 5 wires. Wiring diagrams, step-by-step installation guide and bonus install kit are standard.


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In this article written for Family RVing magazine by member Steve Froese, F276276