Having trouble with your T-Mobile Device?

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If the issue is urgent and needs to be addressed immediately outside of office hours, you will need to reach out directly to T-Mobile Support to report the issue using the phone number (844) 361-1310.

Note: If asked for security PIN please say the following: "A security PIN is only required for revenue impacting account changes and is not required for Technical Support as we are not making any changes to the account".

Most Common Answers FAQ

  • How do I check to see if there is T-Mobile coverage in area I am moving to next?
  • The best way to check is to use the T-Mobile coverage map: click here to open the map in a new window. Once there, enter the address you are moving to. The map will then load up the new area.
  • I have called multiple times, and sent multiple emails with no response.
  • We have found that many members are calling and emailing employees who no longer work for FMCA directly. Because of this, we have had instances of members’ calls and emails not getting into our ticketing system properly. The best way to contact TechConnect by phone is to call (513) 474-3622 and use extension 500. You can also send emails to [email protected]. Both methods are shared among the entire TechConnect staff, so your contact will be seen by us.
  • I am noticing reduced speeds, even though I haven't changed locations.
  • For those not aware, T-Mobile purchased Sprint last year and has been slowly moving all the phone and internet plans that were Sprint contracts over to the T-Mobile network. We have been informed that it is T-Mobile’s goal to shut down all Sprint towers by mid-2022. Because of this, you may notice occasional issues as Sprint devices are migrated to T-Mobile towers. What does that mean for FMCA members? Our previous government contract with Sprint is being honored by T-Mobile, so members can still enjoy unlimited internet on the current plan. One of the main things we are noticing is that even though Sprint always reserved the right to network manage our members if they were in heavily congested locations, they often did not. Unlike Sprint, T-Mobile strictly enforces their network management. The T-Mobile policy states that if a member is in an area where there are many people connected to one of their towers, and if the member has already used 50GB of data, their account will be deprioritized. This means that other people using the tower who have not reached their 50GB limit will get better service than the person who has already used 50GB. When you are in a deprioritized status, it is usually just for the tower to which you are connected. So, if you moved to another location, and your device connects to a different tower where there are fewer people connected, your account will no longer be deprioritized and should return to regular internet speeds. When your account is deprioritized, you will still have internet access, but speeds will be reduced, in some cases to 1GB to 3GB. If you are in a heavily congested area and are being deprioritized, the deprioritization will be removed when the monthly data cycle resets on the 21st of each month, and your internet speed will return to normal. You will be deprioritized again once you hit the 50GB limit in this area. Members have alerted us to issues in the following locations, many of which are areas populated by snowbirds: Arizona (Tempe, El Mirage, Camp Verde, Yuma, and Tucson) and Florida (Orlando, Miami, and Siesta Keys).
  • I have a Franklin T9, and after I hit 20GB of usage my internet speed slowed down.
  • This issue is coming from a device setting on the Franklin T9. To fix this, log in to the admin area and go to Settings->Device->Data Usage. You will find a setting with the name “Usage Limit” that you will need to change to “Unlimited.” Once you save the changes, reboot your Franklin T9 and everything should work as expected.
  • I have an Alcatel Linkzone 2 and I am getting horrible speeds, among other issues with the device.
  • We were recently informed that a large batch of Alcatel Linkzone 2 devices send out by T-Mobile are defective. To make sure that our members do not have to suffer with these devices, FMCA has purchased Franklin T9 devices to replace all the defective Alcatels. To get your replacement device, please fill out the form below.
  • I am having issues with my Franklin R910 or my Inseego M8000.
  • T-Mobile has chosen not to move either of these devices over to their network because of incompatibility. Please fill out the form below and we will get T-Mobile to send you a new device.
  • If the hotspot states, no service, or invalid SIM please follow the steps below
    1. Tap Menu
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Turn airplane mode on, wait 5 seconds
    4. Turn airplane mode off
    5. Tap back arrow on top left corner of screen
    6. Tap Wi-Fi
    7. Turn Wi-Fi off
    8. Turn Wi-Fi on
    9. Press and hold power button
    10. Turn device off, wait 30 seconds
    11. Turn device back on

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To find the IMEI: Remove the battery of the hotspot, and there you will see a sticker that have the IMEI number on it.