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As of July 22, 2022, T-Mobile is no longer apart of the FMCA Tech Connect+ benefit and T-Mobile service cannot be reactivated!

Starting on June 6, 2022, FMCA set about notifying FMCA members via email that FMCA could not reach an agreement with T-Mobile to continue providing members an unlimited mobile internet plan at a reasonable price. Because of this, FMCA had to look for another carrier, and AT&T was chosen. Emails were sent to all Tech Connect+ members currently paying for the service who had not opted out of receiving emails from FMCA.

The FMCA Tech Connect+ team has been migrating FMCA members away from T-Mobile and over to AT&T since June 6. If you still have an Alcatel Linkzone 2, Franklin T9, Franklin T10, Franklin R910, Inseego M2000, or Inseego M8000 device, you no longer have internet service through FMCA. As of July 25, 2022, your Tech Connect+ subscription has been canceled.

If you want to continue to be part of the Tech Connect+ benefit, you will have to sign up again. Those who were already a Tech Connect+ member at the time the transition started will not have to pay the $39.99 one-time device rental feel to rejoin the program.

If you were billed for July 2022, and were shut down, we will refund you the July charge. Please fill out the below form, and let us know.

Would you like to put a helpdesk ticket in with FMCA to report an issue or request help? If so, fill in the below information.
To find the IMEI: Remove the battery of the hotspot, and there you will see a sticker that have the IMEI number on it.