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Having trouble with your TechConnect+ Device?

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your TechConnect+ device.

If at any point you're not sure how to acquire the information you need click the Icon and it will display steps to gather the appropriate information.

***Please Note: If you have our new Inseego M2000. You may follow the guide for the MIFI8000 as the touchscreen interface is the same.

FMCA Offices are closed, if the issue is urgent and needs to be addressed immediately outside of office hours, you will need to reach out directly to Sprint Business Support to report the issue. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Call Sprint Tech Support group at 800-927-2199.
  2. Enter your device mobile number and then select option 2 when prompted to select Technical Support. This will take you directly into the support line.

Note: (If asked for security PIN please say the following: "A security PIN is only required for revenue impacting account changes and is not required for Technical Support as we are not making any changes to the account".)

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