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Ready for more freedom, fun, and good times?

FMCA is the best RV club celebrating the RV lifestyle!

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Ready for more freedom, fun, and good times?

FMCA is the best RV club celebrating the RV lifestyle!

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Ready for more freedom, fun, and good times?

FMCA is the best membership organization celebrating the RV lifestyle!

One of the most comprehensive RV travel clubs

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  • How to Make Homemade Holiday Dog Treats

    December 13, 2018
    Lily Goodgirl & Mushy Fastpants have been wonderful full-time RV pups this year, so I thought I'd bake up some homemade holiday dog treats, do a taste test, and share the results!  And what does my husband love more than anything when we're boondocking and trying to conserve energy?  Ah, yes, me running the oven non-stop to make dog treats. (And let's not forget the mountain of dirty dishes!) Sorry, Tommi! You're outnumbered on ....
  • When Is the Best Time to Purchase RV Warranties?

    December 10, 2018
    Protecting your travel budget is an important part of the RV life, but it can come with a learning curve. There are a lot of warranties available, and even something as simple as when to buy can feel overwhelming. Whether your RV is brand new, used, or very, very well-loved, keep reading to determine the best time to secure coverage for your home-on-wheels. We’ll pause here for a brief recap: What is an RV extended warranty anyw....
  • RVer Gift Guide: 12 Ideas for the Avid RVer

    December 7, 2018
    Ahh, the holidays. So much time for festive music, decorations, and scented candles. And seemingly never enough time to find the perfect gift for your loved ones! Let FMCA help you find the right gift for the RVer in your life. Read FMCA's RVer Gift Guide. RVer Gift Guide Idea #1: Emergency Satellite Communicator Although a little pricey, an emergency satellite communicator is smart to have if you’re caught in a natural disa....
  • 5 Holiday-Themed RV Destinations

    December 3, 2018
    Tis the season to visit a winter wonderland! Your “presents” is requested at these FMCA-approved holiday RV destinations. Pack your sleigh...err, we mean RV... and plan a trip to these must-see spots!  Holiday RV Destination #1: Santa Claus, Indiana  This small town in southwestern Indiana is known for its love for all things Christmas. The town is home to a Santa Claus Post Office, Santa Claus Museum, Santa Claus Christ....
  • Plan a Cincinnati RV Trip: 8 Things to See During Fall and Winter in the Queen City

    November 29, 2018
    Trust the experts: it's a great time to plan a Cincinnati RV trip. In fact, Cincinnati is one of the New York Times’ top places to visit in 2018. The city's travel and tourism industry has experienced terrific growth in recent years. It’s certainly a place to put on your list — especially in the fall and winter with the cooler temps, changing leaves, and the fun holiday activities. Count us in! And did you know you can st....
  • Dog-Friendly Adventures at the Alabama Hills

    November 26, 2018
    We're spending the fall meandering down California's Highway 395 and have been looking forward to arriving at the Alabama Hills in Lone Pine. We heard it was a "must do" for boondockers. When the cold nights pushed us out of the Mammoth Lakes area, we were happy to continue south and descend a few thousand feet in elevation to warmer temps. After spending two weeks at Alabama Hills, I have to say, it lives up to the Instagram hype ....
  • Football Tailgating as Full-Time RVers

    November 21, 2018
    Football is truly America’s game — whether you are a fan of high school, college, or NFL. But it wasn’t always my game. Growing up, everyone told me I was going to be a football player. I wasn’t so sure. I loved playing backyard football with my friends, but organized football — not so much. In my sophomore year of high school, we got a new varsity head football coach. He noticed me working my summer job as a janitor.....
  • Tips for Celebrating Thanksgiving in Your RV

    November 12, 2018
    The thought of celebrating Thanksgiving in your RV could be a daunting one. How will you prepare everything? Well, if you’re traveling during this holiday, you already have so many reasons to give thanks. So take a deep breath and keep reading FMCA’s tips for how to enjoy your “campsgiving.” Turkey Tips  Can I REALLY cook a turkey when I’m on the road? The answer is yes! Can I cook a full-size turkey in my RV’s oven?....

Family Motor Coach Association Members Say It Best

Photo of Chris Rose

It was a no-brainer to join FMCA. Knowing we are covered by FMCAssist, roadside assistance for just $69, and access to mobile internet….all of this makes RVing easier. We are ready to hit the road and go camping without any worries, thanks to FMCA.

- Chris Rose, F477461

Photo of Will and Britta Brown

We took advantage of FMCA’s RV insurance discount. Becoming full-timers, we wanted to make sure we had a full-timers’ policy. Thanks to FMCA’s help, our policy is now in full effect, and it was quick and easy.

- Will and Britta Brown, F481545

Photo of Rich and Laura Sherman

After just a short time of becoming “RVers” your organization is the most valuable tool we have in the RV. The convention was overwhelming with the vast amount of valuable information we received from both people within FMCA and other members. You may consider us “lifers”.

- Rich and Laura Sherman, F480098